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Underestimated destination in France

Visiting Saumur as a family - a haven of joy and wonder

Whether you're looking for family adventures, memorable moments with friends, or the perfect combination of work and pleasure during a professional break, Saumur Val de Loire is the ideal place for all memory makers.
A visit to Saumur and the surrounding region means you'll be amazed by the breathtaking panoramas of the Loire, discovering all the facets of troglodyte caves and countless beautiful residences throughout your stay. And let's not forget the royal river - the Loire - which offers a whole new viewpoint from which to visit Saumur.
Saumur Val de Loire is like a big canvas where families can paint colourful memories together. The majestic châteaux, such as the Château de Saumur, will captivate young and old alike with their fascinating history. Bike rides along the Loire-à-Vélo offer breathtaking panoramas, while visits to troglodyte caves will fill curious minds with wonder. For an even more fun experience, opt for a trip down the Loire in a canoe. Who hasn't heard of the prestigious Cadre Noir riding school in Saumur? A visit is a must, especially as the school offers special visits in the form of a treasure hunt for families. A visit to Saumur Val de Loire is a treasure chest for families looking for a unique experience.
If you're lucky enough to spend several days in the Saumur Val de Loire area, don't miss the Bioparc - Zoo de Doué-la-Fontaine . In an exceptional natural setting, you'll discover 1,800 animals of endangered species in a former falun quarry just 15 minutes from Saumur. To find out more about this alternative idea of a zoo, take an immersive tour.Other family destinations a little further from Saumur are the Terra Botanica plant park and the world's best amusement park, Puy du Fou .
Visiting Saumur as a family has many facets: on foot, by bike, by boat - each point of view is unique. The team atSaumur Val de Loire Tourist Office teamhas more than one trump up its sleeve for you to visit an area rich in emotion.

Visit Saumur all year round

Cycling tourism

Loire-à-vélo, troglodyte routemountain bike trail in Gennes-Val-de-Loire,South Loire troglodyte loop,between Loire & Authion discovery of the valley

Child-friendly visits

Bioparc Zoo de Doue-la-FontaineHelice TerrestreTerra-BotanicaPuy du Fou

Gastronomy & Wines

Vineyard walks,Visit to La Louve (1st Saturday/month)Try "fouées" in a cave,Discover the differences between white and black Anjou

Horse riding & Golf

Visit & show at the Cadre NoirHorse riding along the Loire,5 golf courses less than 30 km around

On the Loire

Tour with Rêves de Loire at Le Thoureil

Aperitif dinner with Loire Evasion Canoeing down the Loire

Something different

Wellness weekend with Eric

Yoga/massage session with LucieLearn about the biodiversity with the Regional Nature Park

Stay with friends at the Logis Escale

Visit Saumur with friends - Adventure and relaxation in a waterfall

Friends, get ready for an unforgettable getaway! The picturesque vineyards of Saumur await you for much more than Loire wine tasting. The mountain bike trails and loops along the Loire-à-Vélo offer exciting challenges and breathtaking views. In summer, the towns of Saumur and the surrounding area offer evening entertainment. Throughout the year, there are cosy bars and friendly restaurants to keep the laughter and conversation going late into the night. Whether it's through the vineyards, along the footpaths, or around a well-stocked table, Saumur Val de Loire promises an experience with friends rich in adventure and laughter.

Three major events in Saumur Val de Loire lend themselves particularly well to an out-of-the-ordinary group visit:Get ready to take part in one of the Loire Marathon events together! Team up for the combined canoe/run or take part as an individual in the long loop between Saumur and Gennes. Non-participants will be able to cheer you on just outside the Logis Escale gîte on the route.Join us for the best retro cycling festival at the end of June: Anjou Vélo Vintage! There are a number of different routes that will allow you to discover not just Saumur by bike, but the real nuggets of the Anjou region. You'll need to do a bit of preparation: go in search of a retro bike and the right outfit! Practise your Be-bop, Lindy-hop or Jive dancing so that you can take full part in this friendly, popular festival in a quirky, 100% vintage atmosphere.If you're a keen hiker or wine-lover, don't miss Vignes, Vins, Randos, which has been taking place on the first weekend in September for the past 20 years. Two days to learn all about the Saumur appellations. Visiting Saumur and its vineyards in the company of an experienced winemaker is another way of discovering Saumur and its history.
If you're planning to visit Saumur any other day of the year, take a look at the agenda. We'll share it all with you!
Photo de groupe avec vélo devant le chateau de Saumur - activité pour particuliers et dans le cadre d'un séminaire au Logis Escale

Visiting Saumur during a Professional Stopover - an inspiring setting for Innovation

Corporate seminars don't always mean boring conference rooms. Imagine productive meetings in historic mansions, brainstorming sessions in inspiring troglodyte cellars, and team-building activities along the Loire. Saumur Val de Loire and the surrounding area offer the perfect balance between work and relaxation, with excellent accommodation, delicious cuisine and activities to stimulate your team's creativity.

Turn your meetings into unforgettable experiences in this corner of France where innovation meets history.Discover the benefits of the Douceur Angevine (Anjou sweetness), valued since the 16th century by Joachim Du Bellay and now an integral part of Anjou's cultural identity, for your teams. The ever-present nature and gentle landscapes shaped by the Loire are ideal for relaxation. Exploring the banks of the Loire between Saumur and Angers in a Combi is just one way to get inspired. For the more sporty, try a trip down the Loire standing up on a paddle - team-building and laughter guaranteed.There are a thousand ways to visit Saumur - there's bound to be one that suits your plans.

Visiting Saumur-Val de Loire and the surrounding area

Saumur Val de Loire is not just a destination, it's an adventure that can be adapted to suit every traveller. This region welcomes you with open arms to create unique memories.

Visit Saumur all year round, whether to admire its majestic castle overlooking the town or to sample a fine Loire Valley sparkling in one of the cellars of the famous sparkling wine producers, where the weather outside matters little. Come and discover the charm, conviviality and inspiration that make Saumur Val de Loire such an exceptional destination.
Here is a list of activities and visits selected for you to make organising your stay in our Logis Escale gîte as easy as possible. The entire selection has been validated by the Agence Départementale du Tourisme de l'Anjou and the various Tourist Offices.
Enjoy discovering the diversity of Anjou! See you soon in this enchanted interlude along the Loire!

What are the must-see castles around Saumur?

The Chateau de Saumur is the last chateau in the Loire Valley to be built entirely of tuffeau, quarried in the surrounding area. But unlike the great châteaux of the Loire Valley, it has never been used as a residence. It has never been a governing chateau, and as a result it is sparsely furnished.

To appreciate the rich furnishings of the region's private chateaux, you should visit the Chateau de Montreuil-Bella y south of Saumur and the Chateau de Brissac-Quince south of the city of Angers. Then there's a very special chateau to visit, the Chateau de Breze, much loved for its troglodyte dwellings.
If you still have time during your visit to Saumur, we recommend the two jewels: Chateau de Serrant, with its library and rare furniture, and Chateau de Montgeoffroy, with its magnificent stables.

Best wine cellars to visit in Saumur ?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are 450 winegrowers around Saumur. We've had the time to visit a number of cellars and taste quite a few Saumur wines. So we've made some contacts and developed some preferences that we're happy to share with you.

Firstly, I'd recommend a visit to one of the Saumur brut cellars in the rue Ackerman. You'll love the sheer size of the cellars and learn a lot about the traditional method, tuffeau and Loire wines in general. Depending on your group and the interest of your visit, one or other of the cellars will be more suitable. Contact us to find out more!
Next, you'll need to explore the region between Saumur, Montsoreau and Puy-Notre-Dame to admire the vines, understand the particularities of the terroir and visit at least one estate. We have chosen 3 organic estates with which we have a special relationship:Domaine de Nerleux in St Cyr en Bourg: visit to troglodytic cellar and wine tastingChâteau de Targé in Parnay: cellar tour and tastingChâteau de la Fosse-Sèche in Brossay: 45 hectares of biodynamic farming and gourmet wines.Reservations are strongly recommended. Each farmer is unique and works in a different environment.

Which visit at the Cadre Noir?

The Cadre Noir is the institution par excellence of French equitation. From its military beginnings in 1815 in the town of Saumur, the vocation of France's finest equestrians was to train cavalry officers and non-commissioned officers for military use. With the development of leisure riding and equestrian sports, the Cadre Noir was entrusted to the Ministry of Sport and switched to civilian status in 1972. Since then, the Cadre Noir has been based in new buildings in Terrefort, a few kilometres south of Saumur town centre.

There are several ways to visit the Cadre Noir:
Gala weekends at the Cadre Noir, held throughout the year between mid-February and the end of November. Each gala has its own theme (music, dance, etc.)weekday matinees: a commented presentation of the work of the Cadre Noir riders and their mounts in the main riding schoolguided tours of the IFCE site at Terrefort, sometimes including observation of the riders in the main riding arena, the stables and the saddlery.Attendance at major competitions such as acrobatics, driving, dressage or young horse presentations.The site remains open to the public throughout the year.You can find all the detailed information and tickets on the Cadre Noir website